Pedri costs Barcelona 9 million euros due to his brilliance

It seems that the brilliance of the young star Pedri, the Barcelona player, was not only of benefit, but the brilliance of the player and his permanent participation with the team caused the Catalan club to suffer some losses

Pedri succeeded in breaking through the starting line-up for Barca this season and securing a key place for him in Dutch coach Ronald Koeman’s plans, due to his outstanding performance with the team.

Pedri participates in 50 matches with Barcelona and costs the club 9 million euros
Pedri participated in the Barca match against Atletico Madrid, on Saturday evening, at the Camp Nou stadium in the Spanish League competitions, in a meeting with his number 50 with the Catalan team.

Under a clause in Pedri’s contract with Barcelona, ​​the Catalan club will pay nine million euros to the Las Palmas treasury as agreed incentives and belongings, as the two parties agreed to pay Barca 9 million euros if the player participated in this number of matches with the team.

Barcelona paid to sign Pedri from Las Palmas in the summer of 2019 only 5 million euros, but the total value of the deal is now approaching 20 million euros, the newspaper said.