Always smile .. I will make you succeed .. Barcelona president’s message to Ricky Puig

Known to be the most obvious personal trait of a young Ricky is this candid and open laugh, which he also shows when he is on the field.

The president transferred his confidence to a young man the day after he won the elections

Joan Laporta won the election on March 7 and went down to the dressing room to introduce himself to the players on March 8.

The first to greet was Ricky Puig, and the Barcelona president surprised him with a phrase heard by those around them: “Keep smiling, I will make you succeed.”

In this sense, this vital smile may be Ricky Puig, reminding Laporta of something from the constant smile of Ronaldinho that helped him change the mood of Barcelona, ​​Ricky Puig did not lose his smile or his desire to succeed, although he played very little in his first season with the first team.

Coman was in front of him from the first minute and suggested that he search for a team to stay away from Camp Nou because he would not play much here, and Ronald kept his word and did not give many minutes.

Laporta proposes a revolution for next season, trusts Ricky (“I will make you succeed”), and assumes that the new coach will have Ricky in his plans (in case Coman passes), for Ricky’s football and also because he creates a positive atmosphere.

(Source: MD newspaper)