Barcelona settles a new deal ..

Barcelona continues to work to resolve many deals, and succeeded this time at the expense of Real Madrid, in a deal for the youth team and not the first team.
This deal is the transfer of Estanes Pedrola from Fondaqui Reus to Barcelona, ​​who was very close to reaching Real Madrid in the past days.

Barcelona’s intervention in the last moments of the deal settled the matter in their favour, despite his approach to the Royal Club and the presence of negotiations from other clubs, as the player’s desire was clear to wear the Catalan shirt.
Pedrola is scheduled to play with Barcelona’s reserve next season, with huge expectations that he will reach the first team soon, given his exceptional abilities as a winger.

Among what caused Pedrola to reach Barcelona, ​​not Real Madrid, besides his desire, is the special relationship that brings Barca to his club, Reus, which gives him the advantage of including his players over other clubs around the world.
It should be noted here that Pedrola is a native of Catalonia, but he played in Espanyol, before the Catalan club offered to sell him and go to Reus and shine a lot.
Now the player preferred to return to the territory again in order to be close to his family, but from the biggest door of wearing the Barcelona shirt.