Laporta is looking for Ronaldo.

The Spanish newspaper AS revealed a resounding surprise about Barcelona President Juan Laporta’s desire to sign Cristiano Ronaldo, the Juventus striker, and the legend of the traditional rivals Real Madrid.

Mystery surrounds Cristiano Ronaldo’s future with Juventus in recent months, although he has another year left on his contract, but some sources claim that the player is not happy with the club’s project and is considering leaving, and the club will welcome the idea of ​​selling him to get rid of his very high salary in light of the financial crisis he is suffering. of them due to the Corona Virus pandemic.
Laporta wants to fulfill the dream of combining Messi and Ronaldo
And the newspaper pointed out in its report that Joan Laporta has returned optimism to Barcelona after his return to the position of president, and is on the right path towards renewing the contract of Lionel Messi, who was determined to leave last summer.

But Laporta does not want to be satisfied with renewing Messi’s contract, as he is also considering signing with Ronaldo to bring together the best duo in the past two decades, and perhaps in the history of football.
The report added that Joan Laporta will not find a problem with financing the deal because he can include players in the negotiations such as Philippe Coutinho, Antoine Griezmann and Serge Roberto. In the event that Ronaldo and Messi are combined in one team, then the salary will not be any obstacle.

So far, no one knows whether Cristiano Ronaldo will welcome joining Barcelona or refuse him, given that he is one of the legends of Real Madrid. Negotiations have not started yet because there is no official offer from Juan Laporta.