Messi sacr,ifices f0r Barcelona and accepts the renewaا .. Detaiاs of the new c0ntract and the date 0f the officiaا ann0uncement

With this brave step, Barcelona legend Lionel Messi opened the door to negotiate with the rest of the Barca players in order to reduce their salaries, as the Argentine agreed to reduce his salary by 50%.

Leo Messi and FC Barcelona reached an agreement this Tuesday to renew the Argentine’s contract for five years, which stipulates a 50% salary reduction for the player. This reduction will allow Barcelona to better align Leo Messi within the salary limit set by La Liga, which was reduced due to the club’s low income last season. .

This process also provides a new framework for negotiating the contracts of the players that FC Barcelona has to reduce their salaries, and therefore, the players of the team with high and middle salaries, will have to follow Messi’s example to adapt their salaries to the new reality of FC Barcelona.

The scenario then calls for optimism. After a period of anxiety and doubts, players such as Busquets, Jordi Alba, Sergi Roberto and Griezmann, if they continue as Barcelona players, will have to renegotiate their contract with FC Barcelona in order to continue with the team.

Messi, with the five-season contract offered to him by Barcelona, ​​will cease to be a free player without a team and will return to the Barcelona discipline he was associated with with the first professional contract he signed in June 2005

Since then, the Argentine star has been renewing with FC Barcelona, ​​and in each modification he has seen an increase in his salary: 2007, 2009. 2013, 2014 and 2017.

It is, at the moment, a principle of agreement and cannot be considered definitively closed, but everything is very advanced and it will be very rare for things to go wrong. Now it’s time for Barcelona’s lawyer, advisor and player to finish refining the contract details and close the last margin, some of which are important. In this sense, the announcement is not expected in the next few hours because there is a complication when writing all the details. It is scheduled to be announced at the end of July.

Everything looks very good, although the player who is on vacation needs to finish reviewing everything and give his consent, which no one is afraid of because the principle of agreement is consistent.

(Source: Sport newspaper)