Juventus 0ffers Barcelona a vèry compاicated process t0 get Pjanic back

Barcelona already has many open files and unresolved issues over who they should leave this summer. One of them is Miralem Pjanic, who landed at Camp Nou last summer and failed to convince Koeman to secure a place in the team, as he had not had a leading role all season.

The Bosnian has gone unnoticed and Barcelona need to get rid of his salary ASAP. The midfielder’s salary is among the highest on the list and the club is already studying the formula to award him to him next season.

Here again Juventus appears, the last team that Pjanic was in before moving to Barcelona. The Italian team will be ready to take back the Bosnian, who previously served from 2016 to 2020, winning four consecutive Serie A leagues.

Realizing the accuracy of the process, they indicated in Italy that Juventus offered Barcelona a new exchange between Pjanic and Aaron Ramsey. They were joined by the Welsh midfielder, the same age as Pjanic, two seasons ago. The biggest obstacle to running such an operation is Ramsey’s high salary.

Juventus know the process is very complicated, but Arthur’s injury (who will be out for three months) forced him to move quickly and reactivate the option to bring Pjanic back to the Juventus Stadium.

This article was translated from Sport newspaper.