Barcelona is watching the transfer market in Paris Saint-Germain to get a gift, and the French club will not be able to refrain ..

Barcelona continues to seek in every way to solve the financial crisis by reducing the wage bill and getting rid of the players that Dutch coach Ronald Koeman did not put in his accounts for next season, and the club’s treasury can now be recovered through a few few unexpected millions.

According to journalist Akram Connor, who specializes in the transfer market, Paris Saint-Germain is placing 28-year-old Rafinha in the transfer market to try to sell him, and the amount he will ask is 10 million euros. The above information speaks of the interest of Milan and Lazio in returning the midfielder, who previously played the role of champion in Italy in the ranks of Inter Milan, on loan from Barcelona.

Aston Villa would also be interested in moving to the Premier League. The fact is that wherever he goes, if Paris Saint-Germain receives 10 million for his transfer, 3.5 million euros will go to FC Barcelona.

It must be remembered that Rafinha was practically traded to Paris Saint-Germain at the last minute in the transfer market last summer. Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain, according to Mundo Deportivo, closed the deal for 3 million euros in variants and contributes 35% of the sale of the Catalan player’s future. In this way, if this sale were made for 10 million euros, Barcelona would receive the aforementioned 3.5 million and it would alleviate a little this cash tension that it accumulates.