Ilaix Moriba barcelona
Ilaix Moriba barcelona

Moriba responds to racîst insuاts and Barcelona supports it!

FC Barcelona player, Ilabs Moriba, denounced the racîst insuاts and threats he received in the past days; He even refused to renew his contract with the Catalan club in protest.


The Barcelona player was subjected to racîst insuاts from some fans, who refuse to continue with the Catalan team, and consider that he is not fit to stay within the club. Moriba plays in the center of the defensive, and is one of Barcelona’s youngsters, and his contract with the Catalan team will expire in June 2022.

The Barcelona player published a short video clip on the famous social network “Tik Tok”, in which he condemned the racîst insuاts and threats he received. “These are absolutely abhorrent acts and unfortunately they still exist in the world of football,” Moreba said.

What are the numbers of Elias Moriba with Barcelona?

He played 18 matches, 14 of them in the Spanish League
scored a single goal
Make 3 goals

Barcelona supports Iliash Moriba against racîsm!

FC Barcelona published a post on its official account on Twitter, which carried in solidarity with Iliash Moriba, and wrote: “We love football. We are fighting racism.” Moreba had posted a short video clip on “Tik Tok” in which he appeared to read messages on his mobile phone that included unfortunate racîst insuاts and threats directed at the player.