De Jong is looking for a competitor in Barcelona and beاieves that he is the best.

Dutch Frenkie de Jong, Barcelona player, is looking for a better player than him in his team, how is this and Messi is his captain in the team! ..

De Jong thinks he is the best PlayStation player in Barcelona and no one can match him in this game.

Is there a rival for De Jong in Barcelona?
A match between De Jong and teammate Serginio Dest was streamed live on Instagram and was widely followed even by his teammates Gerard Pique and Braithwaite.

Frinke won 5-1 and commented on this match in an interview with the Catalan daily Sport, saying: “I beat Dest with Juventus, but I also beat Braithwaite easily. Let’s see if anyone can beat me.”

And about Sergi Roberto and if he could fall in front of him on the PlayStation, he replied: “I think I played with him last year and beat him.”

Who can defeat De Jong?
De Jong sees the danger that comes from the young players: “I don’t know who can beat me, the young players are playing well, but I still don’t know anyone who won more matches than me.”

The Dutch player stressed that the PlayStation is a form of entertainment for players to break the boredom of the camps, as they train twice a day.