Perez suspended the extension of Messi’s contract, the sŧrange thing is that the matŧer was approved by the Barcelona administration

Football fans, especially Barcelona fans, live during this period, in great confusion due to Messi’s sudden exit from the Camp Nou, as the latest news was that the Real Madrid president caused the Argentine’s contract not to be renewed with his team.

How did the president of Real Madrid fail to renew Messi’s contract?

Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez, contributed to Messi not renewing with Barcelona; The strange thing is that the matter was approved by the Barcelona administration.

According to the Spanish “abc”, Joan Laporta, president of Barcelona, ​​would have agreed to CVC’s offer with La Liga, and what the team would earn was to extend Messi’s contract.

But Perez contacted Barcelona CEO Ferran Riverter and advised him not to accept the offer and to adopt a unified position between the two clubs.

Ferran, in turn, persuaded Laporta to reject the project, which precipitated Messi’s departure.

How Messi’s story with Barcelona ended?

Messi left Barcelona, ​​the team’s top scorer.

The Argentine captain was close to renewing his contract, but the player did not doubt his departure, as he said himself.

But Messi left Barcelona, ​​who announced this last Thursday evening, due to the club’s failure to register the player due to the financial crisis that the Catalan club suffers from.

What is the story of CVC’s contract with La Liga?
A week ago, the League announced a contract that will link it to an investment company that will pump nearly 3 billion euros into the tournament, and each club will receive a share of it.

The contract was said at the time that it was a lifeline for Barcelona to extend Messi’s contract, but Real Madrid and Barcelona are standing in the face of the deal because it will tie the clubs financially for 40 years, as they see it.