Valverde on his battاe with Messi: “It is better that they do not kn0w the truŧh.”

Former Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde spoke about the Blaugrana’s training period and his relationship with Argentine legend Leo Messi and behind the scenes in the dressing room, and Valverde admitted that he will coach again only when he finds something “motivating, motivating…”

Former FC Barcelona coach, Ernesto Valverde, has been in the background since his departure from Barcelona. On this occasion, he spoke on ETB’s ‘El día de mañana’ program, in which I spoke about his stage at Barcelona, ​​and about a name that has been talked about a lot in recent weeks, He is Leo Messi.

Valverde commented on his chance at Camp Nou, “I didn’t hesitate when they called me,” and added, “I saw it was a good choice and an experience I had to know what it was, my leaving? It happened and that’s it…”

Among the topics most discussed during his time on the bench were the conversations and ‘fights’ against Leo Messi, weights in the dressing room and whether he had problems with Messi. Likewise, it is better for people not to know how we are and to think that they know everything, better not to know the truth. “

Finally, after confessing his love for Athletic Bilbao, “the club I was the happiest in in every respect”, the team where he played and coached as well, he was honest about whether he would coach again, saying “I will coach, of course, it must be motivating and motivating… After leaving Barcelona I needed some time off, I wanted to take this opportunity to travel, even though I was not able to travel with the pandemic. I am not sure what I will do.”
(Source: Sport newspaper)