Messi’s departure causes another huge loss for Barcelona

It seems that the economic crisis in Barcelona will continue during the coming period, after the Blaugrana lost the opportunity to obtain an income of thirty million euros annually.

It is clear that Barcelona is suffering financially during the last period, to the extent that they failed to sign a new contract with Argentine legend Lionel Messi, in addition to reducing the salaries of team leaders in varying proportions.

Barcelona’s suffering is represented in reducing players’ salaries and exceeding the permissible limit for the Spanish League, which threatened the Catalan club with its inability to sign new agreements, but Gerard Pique’s decision to cut 50% of his salary partially resolved the crisis.

And the Spanish newspaper “Sport” indicated that the Japanese company sponsoring the Barcelona shirt decided not to renew its contract with the club, which expires at the end of the current season.

Barcelona’s association with the Japanese company began in 2017, with the Blaugrana receiving 55 million euros in the first four seasons, but that value fell to 30 million euros last season due to the Corona virus pandemic.

The Japanese company has decided to end the association with Barcelona, ​​and the club has already begun to search for a new sponsor to be named on the team’s shirts as of next season.

Of course, the departure of Lionel Messi from Barcelona will affect the value of the new contract that the Catalan club will receive.

And the Barcelona board of directors headed by Joan Laporta must redouble its efforts in the commercial aspect, with the conclusion of the second agreement with the sponsoring company whose name appears on the sleeves of the shirt.

And if Barcelona can get a sponsorship deal for the stadium using sponsorship rights or a name change, that will solve the crisis to some extent.

Laporta and his board of directors must work hard to return Barcelona’s income to nearly one billion euros, the amount the club earned in the pre-pandemic period.