Conflicting news: Aguero's former colleague confirms the news of his retirement, and the Barcelona administration is fulfilling

Conflicting news: Aguero’s former colleague confirms the news of his retirement, and the Barcelona administration is fulfilling

Barcelona responded strongly to the news that spread recently and before the match between the Catalans and Espanyol in the 14th round of the Spanish League, specifically regarding the retirement of Argentine Sergio Aguero, the “Bulugrana” football player, after a recent heart attack.

For his part, Vice-President of the Catalan club, Rafa Yusti, came out with this news and denied the news and said that it was just rumours.

And Yuste spoke to Barcelona Club, saying: “Aguero has three months to see how this anomaly develops. They told us that he needs three months to assess whether he is able to continue playing or not.”

However, the Spanish newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” came out confirming that Aguero will not play football again.

The newspaper said that Aguero hopes to reach an economic agreement with Barcelona, ​​that his departure has become inevitable, and that he does not intend to return to Argentina if he does not continue in the field of football.

At the same time, Samir Nasri, Aguero’s former teammate at Manchester City, confirmed via the French TV channel “Canal +” that he had received a message from the Argentine confirming that he had decided to retire.

But it was not long before Barcelona decided, after a period of silence, that
A number of the most prominent figures in the club came out and denied this matter, despite the fact that Aguero’s agent did not provide any explanation for the matters.

“He denied that Aguero would announce his retirement,” Vice President Rafa Yusti said in brief comments.

Sporting director Matteo Alemani said: “There will be time to see things, at the moment things are not clear.”

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez also sent a message to Aguero, in which he said: “I spoke to him, what came out is incorrect, we do not have this information, we are talking to him, and we will try to make things develop so that he can continue to play football, he is calm and happy.” .

It is worth noting that Barcelona, ​​after Aguero’s injury in the Alaves match, issued a statement confirming that the player will be out of action for three months, and that the effectiveness of the treatment he is undergoing will be evaluated.

Since that period, Barcelona has not issued any other announcement regarding Aguero’s health condition.