The blow that could knock Messi out of Paris early

The blow that could knock Messi out of Paris early

Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain, the two opponents in the Champions League knockout stages, live in very different situations, and while the first walks with a firm step, the second moves from one stumble to another.

The recent bombing in Paris points to a possible departure for Messi at the end of the season if the team does not win the Champions League. At the moment, due to the performance of the team and the Argentine, nothing indicates that they will win the title.

El Lobo Carrasco, one of the most popular owners of the Chiringuito program and very close to Barcelona and Messi, indicated that the Argentine is not happy in Paris and added: “Maybe he meets expectations in sports, but he does not do it on a personal level.”

It was Lobo Carrasco himself who admitted that Messi would consider leaving PSG at the end of the season if the team failed to lift the Champions League.

The Champions League is the Argentine’s great obsession in recent years and his signing with Paris Saint-Germain happened only and exclusively with this ambition, both for the player and for the club.

But if high expectations are not met, everyone will be laughed at. PSG got Messi’s signature as a guarantee of winning the Champions League, and the truth is that they are now closer to falling in the Round of 16 than winning the title. Real Madrid is his opponent, and by history and current performance, the Parisians are not the favorites.

The match against Paris Saint-Germain is the next big challenge for Real Madrid this season. Whites are excited to beat one of the best candidates. The meeting will mean the return of Ramos to the Bernabeu and the arrival of Mbappe, who will change Paris to Madrid next summer.

Should the need arise, Real Madrid players now have an additional motivation, to achieve victory and eliminate Paris Saint-Germain, this could mean Messi’s final departure from elite football. Falling into the round of 16 would be a failure for the club and the player, and according to Lubo Carrasco, it would be the end of their relationship.

Tertullian points out that his destination would certainly be the United States or a league in the Middle East, to fill his coffers as much as possible before hanging his boots. Real Madrid can close down Messi’s theater in Europe and show PSG that no matter how much money they have, greatness can’t be bought.