Klopp supports Barcelona in implementing the scheme to bring in the Brazilian sniper

Klopp supports Barcelona in implementing the scheme to bring in the Brazilian sniper

Press sources revealed that Barcelona is very close to signing a heavy deal from Liverpool in the upcoming summer transfers.

According to the Spanish newspaper, El Nacional, Barcelona wants to sign Brazilian international Roberto Firmino, the first team striker for Liverpool, in the upcoming summer Mercato.

The newspaper pointed out that the 30-year-old Brazilian player is close to joining the ranks of Barcelona next summer, for 20 million euros.

Firmino moved to the ranks of the Reds in 2015, coming from the German Hoffenheim, and is linked to a contract with the ranks of the Red Team that ends in 2023, and there are no attempts by the club’s management to extend the Brazilian player’s contract.

During his career with Liverpool, the Brazilian succeeded in securing his place mainly in the formation of the Reds, and contributed with Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane to winning many titles, most notably the 2019 European Champions League and the English Premier League 2020.

And the newspaper confirmed, that Jurgen Klopp, coach of Liverpool, believes that it is the right time for Firmino to leave for Spain, especially in light of Barcelona’s great desire.
The newspaper pointed out that the German coach is compatible with the idea of ​​selling Firmino, in light of Diego Jota remaining an essential part of the team, in addition to the presence of Divock Origi and Takumi Minamino.

Firmino played 310 matches with his club, Liverpool, in various tournaments, during which he scored 94 goals, and won four titles, the European Champions League, the English Premier League, the European Super, and the Club World Cup.