Barcelona begins implementing the scheme to kidnap Neymar's successor from between Real Madrid's fangs

Barcelona begins implementing the scheme to kidnap Neymar’s successor from between Real Madrid’s fangs

Spanish media revealed that Barcelona is planning to strengthen the Blaugrana ranks with a strong deal from the Brazilian League in the current winter transfer season.

In this context, the Spanish newspaper “Sport” reported that the Barcelona administration has sent an envoy from the Catalan team who is now in Brazil to closely monitor Andric, the jewel of Palmeiras Club, in preparation for giving the green light to start negotiations to include him.

And the Spanish newspaper pointed out that the Catalan giant’s administration wants to include the jewel of the country of Samba, to support the offensive lines of the Blaugrana during the current January transfers.

She added that Barca officials are closely watching the 15-year-old Andric, the Brazilian star of Palmeiras, who the Real Madrid administration has also expressed its admiration for the young talent, and its intense quest to obtain his signature during the current period.

The newspaper said that Barca is moving strongly to resolve the deal for the promising rookie Andreik, and believes that he will be the successor to its former star Neymar.

The newspaper stated that the Laporta administration is working to include many young talents, with explosive talent, to be the future of the Blaugrana in the coming time, especially after the departure of the team’s stars last season.

And she continued, despite the economic crisis that has hit the Blaugrana ranks since last season, which was a major reason for the departure of some of the team’s stars, Laporta is still sticking to the inclusion of high-caliber deals.