Sport discloses the latest developments regarding negotiations with Araujo

Sport discloses the latest developments regarding negotiations with Araujo

Barcelona continues to plan for the future of defending the Catalan team, whether by contracting new deals or extending the contracts of its stars for another period to come.

In this context, press reports revealed that Barcelona club recently held a meeting with the player Ronald Araujo, the Blaugrana defender, to analyze the process of extending the contract.

According to the Spanish newspaper Sport, Barcelona defender Ronald Arago has agreed to renew his contract with the team during the current period.

And the Spanish newspaper Sport said that Araujo had set a condition on the Barcelona administration to extend his contract.

The newspaper pointed out that Barcelona’s priority is to extend Araujo’s contract until 2028 for the next five seasons, knowing that the current player’s contract will expire in 2023.

She indicated that Barcelona is striving to extend the Uruguayan player’s contract, because he is one of the main players of the team who enjoys a great future in defense in the coming years.

And the newspaper said, that Araujo’s agent, Eduardo Mazolari, will travel during the next few hours from Milan to Barcelona to meet with the club’s board of directors to reach a new agreement.

The newspaper stated that the Barca defender had received many calls from various clubs in order to include him in their ranks in the event that renewal negotiations with Barcelona faltered.

And the newspaper completed its report that the agreement was reached between the two sides to renew, but only after they agreed to assess the player financially in terms of annual salaries.