Barcelona spoils Real Madrid's Mercato, and succeeds in saving the Spanish jewel in the last moments until 2026

Barcelona spoils Real Madrid’s Mercato, and succeeds in saving the Spanish jewel in the last moments until 2026

Real Madrid tried to lure the deal of its historical rival Barcelona, ​​after it entered into negotiations with Racing Club to kidnap the goal of the Catalan team.
And according to what was published by the Spanish newspaper “Sport”, the president of Racing Racing invited Matteo Alemani, Barcelona’s sporting director, to ask him to raise his offer a little because Real Madrid offered them more money.
And the newspaper revealed that Real Madrid made an attempt to sign the young Spanish player Pablo Toure and join him in the Real Madrid ranks next summer.

And the newspaper said, that Barcelona’s position remained strict because the young Spaniard Pablo Toure was very convinced of the sports project of Barca, and his personal plan.

On March 4, Barcelona announced the signing of Pablo Toure, one of the jewels of Spanish football, who followed in his footsteps more than one club wanted to include him.

The newspaper confirmed that the Barcelona sports administration succeeded in concluding an agreement with Racing Club, and 5 million euros were paid in addition to some variables that, depending on the development of the footballer in the coming years, could exceed 20 million, to be signed until June 30, 2026 with a penalty clause of 100. million euros.

Secrecy and previous work were key reasons for completing the signing, because Real Madrid was also chasing him, a talent like that of Pablo Toure (18 years old) does not go unnoticed, and a “battle” broke out between the greats to win the young player.

Real Madrid sought to the end hard, but all their attempts failed, and Alfredo Perez Fernandez, president of Racing, to Barcelona’s director of football Matteo Alemani, asked him to raise his offer a little because Madrid offered them more money.

Despite the pressure, Alemani was inflexible, had his reasons, and didn’t raise the financial offer because he didn’t see a risk.

In the end they managed to tie everything well with Pablo Toure, they offered him more years of contract than Real Madrid, a sign of absolute confidence, and a detailed career plan.
Toure will play at Barcelona B, and if he does well he will be promoted to the first team, and that is what they expect at the club.

The interview that took place between Xavi Hernandez and the 18-year-old had a positive role and played a decisive role in the player’s decision, after the coach showed him that he knows his style, his strengths and weaknesses, and this was a decisive factor in saying “yes” to Barcelona rather than responding to Real Madrid’s offer. and his money.