UEFA bans Barcelona from the Champions League

The Catalan newspaper, Mundo Deportivo, revealed that the European Football Association will impose a severe penalty on Barcelona, ​​​​by depriving it from participating in the Champions League, against the background of the Blaugrana’s participation in the creation of the European Super League.

Twelve clubs announced their participation in the European Super League last April, but after threats from the European Union, 9 of the participating clubs withdrew: Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, AC Milan and Inter Milan.
However, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Juventus clubs announced their continuation to participate in the European Super League, despite the withdrawal of 9 clubs that were involved in establishing this competition.
According to the Catalan newspaper, UEFA will impose a fine of 15 million euros on Barcelona.

The newspaper said that sources told it that UEFA would not be satisfied with the financial fine only, but would also deprive Barcelona of being present in the European Union competitions (Champions League, European League) for a year.
It is not yet known whether the Juventus and Real Madrid teams will be signed a similar or heavier penalty, especially the Royal Club, which is the owner of the idea of ​​​​establishing the tournament, by a decision of its president, Florentino Perez.
It is reported that Juan Laporta confirmed in previous statements, last Friday, that he had told Alexander Ceferin, that he would not pay any financial fine, and if sanctions were imposed on his club, he would go to the Sports Court.