messi & mbape

La Liga gives Real Madrid and Barcelona a preci0us gîft to solve the Messi and Mbappe probاem

Local media speculated that the deal would help Barcelona solve the problem of renewing the contract of Argentine top scorer Lionel Messi, and might provide the necessary funds for Real Madrid to sign Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappe.

Spain’s major clubs, led by Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​will receive significant financial payments under an agreement between La Liga and a private equity firm, worth $3.2 billion.

And the Spanish League said in a statement, Wednesday, that it had reached a “multi-faceted” preliminary agreement with the “CVC” company, which includes pumping $ 3.2 billion in return for 10 percent of revenue, and the creation of a new company that includes a group of commercial activities, and it will receive CVC. It is also 10 percent.

But the Spanish league said clubs would have to spend 70 per cent of the money they receive on developing infrastructure such as technology, and a maximum of 15 per cent of the money could be used to sign one player and 15 per cent to pay. Debts.

At the end of the period of rapid increase in the value of television rights and after a year of no ticket revenue due to adherence to restrictions amid the “Covid-19” epidemic, the leagues, not only in Spain, are looking for alternative sources of profit.

The pressure on the big clubs has increased after a failed attempt by 12 of Europe’s biggest clubs to establish a breakaway “Super League” earlier this year.