Barcelona’s first stèp in hidîng Griezmann

The French striker’s situation has taken a 180-degree turn in the past 30 days, when before that he was one of the prominent visible faces of FC Barcelona’s promotional campaign to present his new shirt for the 2021/22 season to be on the exit ramp.

In Barcelona’s announcement of the team’s second shirt during the next sports season, the French star Antoine Griezmann did not make any appearance, while the striker was one of the prominent faces in the video clip in the promotional campaign for the first shirt a month ago.

Today, Barcelona presented the alternative shirt for the 2021/22 season, a purple shirt, and in the promotion launched by the club’s official channels, different players appear from the first team, in which one noticeable absence appears.

Ter Stegen, Serge Roberto, Pique, Pedri, De Jong … as well as players from the women’s first team such as Aitana, Alexia, Marta Torrejon, Jenny Hermoso and Graham Hensen, all wear the new guest shirt for next season, but Antoine Griezmann does not appear in the video, on Unlike the promotional clip for the first shirt, which was presented just a month ago.

The return of the “Little Prince” to Wanda Metropolitano is on the right track in the exchange of players with Atletico Madrid in exchange for Saul Niguez

It is possible that Antoine Griezmann will count his hours as a player for the Blaugrana and wear Rojiblanco again with coach Simeone, with whom he has already coincided in his previous stage at Atletico Madrid, from 2014 to 2019.

The delicate economic situation that Barcelona is going through forces him to cut his wages by half, and the club is forced to abandon one of its most prominent players, and the Frenchman has always been at the center of the hurricane, for his very huge transfer of 120 million euros, and now, he is about to return to what was his home for five years.

(Source: Sport newspaper)