In Messi's way, Paris is approaching Barcelona's second blow

In Messi’s way, Paris is approaching Barcelona’s second blow

French press sources revealed that Paris Saint-Germain aims to sign the player Joker in the ranks of the Catalan club.

And the French newspaper L’Equipe reported that PSG is watching with great interest the fate of the French player, Ousmane Dembele, the Barca striker, after several press reports confirmed that the player refused to renew his contract with the Catalan club, due to his financial demands.

Dembele moved to Barcelona in 2017, coming from Borussia Dortmund, in a marketing deal worth 103 million euros.

And the newspaper pointed out that Dembele stipulated that the Catalan club receive an annual salary of 40 million euros in order to renew his contract.

The French newspaper indicated that Paris Saint-Germain has become one of the clubs interested in including Dembele, along with Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Manchester United and Newcastle United.

She said that the French striker will ask for the same annual salary (40 million euros), in addition to a signing bonus.

And the newspaper added, that Paris Saint-Germain is betting on the completion of the Ousmane Dembele deal, after the player felt that the Barca administration did not appreciate him in the way he deserved.

She stated that BSG believes that Osman Dembele will be a strong addition to the club’s project, given that he is a talented young and French player, meaning that he will not take time to adapt.