Juventus negotiate Messi's outcast in preparation for Morata's departure to Barcelona

Juventus negotiate Messi’s outcast in preparation for Morata’s departure to Barcelona

The Italian club Juventus has begun planning for the future of the attack in the old lady’s team, as it aims to sign deals of the highest level during the coming period.

According to press reports, Juventus is working to find an alternative striker for Alvaro Morata, the Italian team’s sniper, who was recently linked with a move to Barcelona.

In this context, journalist Gianluca Di Marzio revealed that Juventus contacted Paris Saint-Germain regarding Mauro Icardi to inquire about the possibility of contracting him. The clubs have not yet talked about formulas and numbers, but it was the first conversation about the Argentine.

In the next few days, Juventus will decide whether to continue its negotiations, and for its part, Paris Saint-Germain will have to choose whether to accept Icardi’s loan format without an obligation to buy, the journalist said.

Icardi is one of the top scorers in the Italian league over the past decade, where he played for Inter Milan, and continued to perform well at Paris Saint-Germain.

The journalist explained that Icardi is now suffering from a lack of participation with the Parisian team, especially after the arrival of his compatriot Lionel Messi, and the move to Juventus may make him the main striker for the Bianconeri, as Alvaro Morata is linked to a move away from the club.

And the journalist confirmed, that Juventus is still keen to include Icardi and integrate him in the attack with his compatriot Paulo Dybala.

It is likely that Juventus will try to sell Morata before including Icardi, as the Spaniard plays on loan to the old lady from Atletico Madrid.