Days before the start of the new season, Barcelona faces the rîsk of losing Depay and Emerson

The Spanish League will start next Friday, August 13, and Barcelona will have to present the first list, which should not be the last, but rather the list that determines the players who will appear for the first time in the tournament against Real Sociedad, and the Laporta administration has not been able to register new contracts so far.

Barcelona must exclude some players (Umtiti or Pjanic are candidates) and renegotiate the contracts to be able to register new contracts, currently only Yusuf Demir will be available because he will have the Barcelona B card.

Joan Laporta already made it clear last Friday that even without Leo Messi, Barcelona’s total salaries have reached almost one hundred percent of the club’s income, and since then the club has been working hard to continue reducing the team’s salaries before the start of La Liga next Friday.

At the moment, players like Umtiti, Pjanic and Coutinho are still in the squad and the wage bill has not gone down.

As we explained yesterday, if Barcelona does not succeed in firing some players this week or is able to renegotiate the salaries of the highly paid players, then FC Barcelona will not be able to score new deals for the season at the present time.

In the event that Aguero is injured and won’t be able to play until November and scoring isn’t urgent, but Memphis Depay and Emerson are already training normally and Eric Garcia arrives this week.

In the case of the Dutch striker, his presence seems almost necessary, given that the coach hardly has options in attack and the Dutchman is also at the moment the most exciting signing of the season and an essential part of the squad. Youssef Demir can play safely with his Barcelona B card.

The club continues to work on terminating or relinquishing some of the highly-paid Koeman players, such as Pjanic or Umtiti, and in parallel, it intends to renegotiate some contracts.

(Source: MD newspaper)